Irene Jelagat – Library in Charge

The term book is deemed to cover all types of library materials containing information.

All registered members are eligible for borrowing books from the library.

Books marked REF are for use within the library only

The number of books a user is allowed to borrow:

a) Students – 2 books for 3 days for short loan books(marked S/L) -2 books for one week for long term books

b) Staff-3 books for a term The Librarian may recall, withhold or restrict the circulation of any information material in the library.

All materials on loan must be returned before or on the time/date due.

Library Charges

1. Overdue library materials are charged a fine of; – Long loan Kshs.2/= per day. – Short loan Kshs.3/= per day.

Readers borrowing privileges shall be withheld until payment is made.

The Library reserves the right of withholding ones borrowing rights until the accumulated fines are cleared.

2. Lost and damaged books For lost information materials, borrowers will be charged; – Two times the cost of a book in print.

For books out of print, the borrower will be charged two times the cost of equivalent book in print which is determined by the librarian.

For damaged information materials, borrowers will be charged twice the cost of replacement where it proven that the borrower is responsible.

A library user caught attempting to remove a book from the library in an unauthorized manner shall subjected to KITI disciplinary mechanism.

3. Photocopying is available at Kshs 2/= per copy.

All photocopying is subject to: – Copy Right Act

The Librarian’s authority to photocopy.

Opening Hours Monday to Friday- 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and public holiday- Closed