Pursuant to its Mandate as provided for in the Universities Act, 2012, Section 56 (1) (a), the Placement Board, during a meeting held today, February 17, 2020, has considered the placement of the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination candidates to Universities and Colleges. The Board observed the following:

  1. 2019 KCSE Performance

A total of 688,928 students qualified for placement to tertiary institutions at various levels under Government sponsorship. Of these, 125,449 attained a mean grade of C+ and above, thus qualifying to join local universities. Another 563,479 scored between C and E and therefore qualified for placement to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

  1. Capacities

Universities have declared a capacity of 193,878, which is enough to absorb all those who met the minimum requirement for admission to Degree programmes and are willing to pursue courses in Universities.

In addition, the State Department of Vocational and Technical Training has provided a capacity of 350,000 in the TVET institutions that are under the Ministry of Education. The capacity is enough to absorb 62% of the candidates who qualified for TVET. The Board noted that there are several other TVET institutions offering training opportunities where the remaining 38 % can be absorbed. Readmore

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